Wonderful Work - English

This term, all year groups will be studying one of Shakespeare’s plays. Year 7s will be reading ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’, Year 8s will be exploring ‘The Tempest’  and Year 9s will be analysing ‘Romeo and Juliet’. Pupils have begun their literature lessons this term by learning about the context of their plays. Whether discovering what life was like for a groundling in the Elizabethan era, or why travel and exploration was so important in the Age of Discovery, or how conditions in Italian city-states could lead to feuds, this will support pupils to better understand the Shakespearean plays.

Pictured here is a good example of notetaking by a Year 8 pupil. Taking high quality notes, which means writing down the most important information, makes it easier to look back at work in the future as revision. Often, pupils will take notes to support their home learning too. Responsible pupils often review what they have learned in previous lessons in order to make their work more detailed.