At Ark John Keats, we aspire for all our children to have the academic knowledge necessary to enable them to progress to university, for pupils to have a love of learning and curiosity about the world, and for them to be polite, well-mannered young people who take responsibility for their choices and drive their own destinies.


The academy’s approach to achieving this is based on our six pillars:

  1. High expectations: Every adult who works at AJK believes in the limitless potential of all children.
  2. Excellent teaching: Subject specialists plan lessons focused on rigorous content which make pupils work hard and think deeply about the subject, fostering their curiosity and love of learning.
  3. Exemplary behaviour: Pupils are unfailingly polite and well-mannered individuals who take responsibility for their own actions and seek to help others whenever they can.
  4. Depth for breadth: Our rich, challenging curriculum builds pupils’ cultural capital to ensure they can all be knowledgeable, articulate and university ready.
  5. Knowing every child: Our teachers know and care about every child they interact with, proactively building strong and positive relationships between school and home.
  6. Always learning: Our continuous professional development, co-planning meetings and coaching ensure teachers feel stretched and supported, able to develop as teachers and leaders in a long-term career at Ark John Keats.


Our values emphasise: