Our belief at John Keats Academy is that every pupil has the capacity to be a knowledgeable, literate, articulate, confident and compassionate individual. Keats once wrote we should ‘let the mind be a thoroughfare for all thoughts’.


Our vision is that all children at the academy will develop into young adults who are happy and successful both as individuals and as citizens of our local and wider communities.

The academy’s approach to achieving this is based on our six pillars:

Mastery Curriculum

Our curriculum design enables pupils to develop a framework of knowledge and understanding in each subject area that provides a solid foundation for further study. Learn more ...

High Quality Teaching

We provide pupils with consistently outstanding teaching which is based on rigorous curriculum planning and takes account of individual pupils and their learning needs. Staff have two hours of CPD weekly and collaborative planning is built into timetables.

Strong Discipline

We have created a calm, orderly and purposeful environment where pupils develop strong self-discipline and self-regulation through the teaching of discipline, daily routines and the CHARACTER programme.

Character Development

Pupils develop the characteristics that support their academic achievement, create thoughtful citizens and allow them to make reflective choices over their personal lives.

Raising Aspirations & Enrichment

Pupils understand the opportunities that a school and university education will afford them in terms of careers and quality of life. Pupils develop their passions and interests through an in-day enrichment programme. Learn more ...

Developing Educational Leaders

All members of staff see themselves as leaders within an aligned community of professionals and are systematically trained in implementing best practice.


Our values emphasise: