How to succeed in a virtual AJK interview.

At AJK, we are moving all of our recruitment online for the period of school closure.

We opened to reception in 2013, and Y7 in 2014, and have been expanding since. Next year, our founding Y7s will reach Y13, and we will be a truly all-through school from nursery to Y13. We are guided by our 6 pillars, and are relentlessly focussed on providing all of our pupils a brilliant, well rounded education. By the end of their time with us, pupils should be able to thrive at university, or in a career of their choice.

We have a all-through mastery curriculum, a commitment to coaching and CPD for all staff, and centralised behaviour systems that ensure that climate is positive in all lessons.

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Application Tips

We feel confident that we can still find the right candidates, who are well-aligned to our school values, and have the potential to be exceptional teachers and leaders – but, of course, we will be going about it a bit differently!

1. Pre-application

Read the pack and our website carefully, and reach out and ask us any questions – email me on if you want to talk about a role or the selection process.

2. Application form

This should be the same as any other application – make sure you do lots of reading about the school, tailor your application to the school.

Use the person specification, but then think more widely about the school and the role.

Why specifically AJK? What have you read or heard that makes you think you’d be a good fit?

How do your personal educational values align to those of the school?

3. Preparing for Interview

Prepare as you would for an in-person interview, but be prepared to talk in even depth about your teaching practice. We will talk about the classes you currently teach, how you go about planning your lessons, and what we would see if we were to see you teach. We will talk to you about curriculum planning, and the position of your subject within the wider curriculum.

4. Teaching us

We will ask you to teach us (or do an assembly for a pastoral job) – either live to the panel online, or recorded and sent in. Prepare as you would for a normal lesson – feel free to send through notes if that helps, and we will set you up to do a structured reflection afterwards. We want to see how you plan a concept, explain an idea and give the pupils instructions.

This will feel odd, but gives us a really good idea of what you’d be like interacting with our pupils, how you reflect on your practice and your approach to feedback.

5. Dealing with technology

All our processes will happen on Microsoft Teams – we will send a link, so you don’t need any specialist software. It is worth having a play around with the software, or ask us any questions in advance.

(And apologies in advance if it is interrupted by one of my children demanding a snack).

6. Adaptability

We will leave plenty of opportunity for questions at the end of the interview, and we will spend lots of time talking and unpicking your answers. Please come prepared to share anything you’d like that we didn’t cover, or any questions you have about it. We really appreciate your adaptability in these unprecedented times.


Hopefully that gives you a good insight in to our approach to recruitment during this school closure period – and please do reach out if you have any questions.