“All of those kinds of admin tasks are done by office staff or computer systems or they have been eliminated because they’re not necessary. I feel like everything that I do here directly impacts my pupils or the development of myself or other staff.

That’s why it’s been such a successful school. They’ve got some genuinely amazing teachers, people who are really passionate about what they do. Experience isn’t the key factor – it’s the right ideas, the right mindset.

It’s an incredible school, it’s expanding, you can have so much input. So, I’d say if you want to teach, this is as good a place as you can find. You’ve got the systems there to do it right, and you’re supported to do it properly. You know that the outcomes are there as well."

Head of Science 

High Quality Teaching – EYFS Teacher
"Everything we do as a school is geared towards high quality teaching. My weekly coaching sessions are the main reason I have made such big improvements in such a short space of time. In an environment of mutual trust I am able to talk through my practice with more experienced peers and really work through how I get better as a teacher on a step by step basis. Our CPD is effective because we focus on what matters and we are given time to implement what we learn. It all comes together in a way that means rapid improvement is almost a guarantee rather than a possibility."
Character Development – Science NQT
"Character development is a key part of our school day. In order to be successful members of the local and wider community, pupils need to be well rounded individuals. The character programme supports pupils to do that. They are taught to show fantastic curiosity, empathy, altruism and reflectiveness. Embedding these traits in pupils makes lessons calm, purposeful and enjoyable."
Enrichment and RA – French teacher
"Our Raising Aspirations and Enrichment programmes are all about ensuring that our students are prepared for a happy and successful future full of exciting opportunities. We work with them discovering different careers through speakers every term, and we go to a university every year with each year group to find out about different aspects of university life. As staff we also offer extra-curricular activities in areas we feel passionate about, and all students take part in this Enrichment programme twice a week during the school day. It’s really exciting to visit these enrichments and see the variety of skills, knowledge and passion are students are absorbing! Later on, at KS4, all students participate in Pathways, where they discover more about an area they are interested in about and learn hugely important skills such as how to write a high quality CV. Together with our other pillars, Raising Aspirations and Enrichment gives me a real feeling of driving our students towards success."
Developing Educational Leaders – Year 3 Teacher
"Now in my third year, coaching and professional development has empowered me to nurture my skills and strengths in teaching French across the primary phase. I have sought the expertise of outstanding practitioners across the school to guide and challenge my practice. This has led to further responsibilities leading on and building the primary French curriculum to ensure that my pupils benefit from a fun, enriching French provision, which provides a great foundation for further study in the secondary phase."
Operations – Science Teacher
"We map out a term in advance – using termly overviews – so that all of the key tasks that staff need to do are shared with them at the start of term. This allows everyone to balance their workload, and plan out their time in advance. I know what is coming up, and it helps me do my job to a really high standard."
Mastery Curriculum – Head of Geography
"Teaching a mastery curriculum supports pupils to build strong foundations in each subject. By taking the time to ensure they have got to grips with key concepts in their learning, pupils quickly develop a deep understanding of the topics they are studying. By mastering the basics, pupils have the knowledge and understanding they need to excel in their subjects and to really enjoy getting to grips with challenging, subject-rich content. Teaching a mastery curriculum gives our pupils the foundations they need to grow into excellent students, placing emphasis on the details and valuing the small steps forward it takes to get it right."