Year 11 pupils are now moving towards preparing for their post 16 education. In week 1 they should be ensuring that they are clear how to access and use their transition work. Their tutors will be calling during this first week to make sure this is the case. If your course is not on this list you will need to get in contact with your college or sixth form provider to ensure you can prepare properly and fully for your study in September.

If any point you get stuck or need further guidance about any of the tasks or activities please email a member of that department or contact your tutor who will help.

Study at KS5 is a large step up from GCSE. It relies on a strong work ethic, excellent personal organisation and a proactive attitude to independent study.  To be successful KS5 learners, pupils will need to assimilate large amounts of new content in very short periods of time. They will also be expected to have mastered the GCSE content that they first met at KS4.

Setting summer home learning is one of the best ways that we can support our pupils to begin their new courses successfully. Dedicating time to this over the holidays will allow them to begin their studies with confidence and curiosity. This work will be checked by their tutor during the induction days in September and will be submitted to subject teachers during the first week of lessons.

This webpage contains a copy of the home learning for each subject offered at the sixth form. Copies of the summer home learning have also been included in induction packs. In the event that pupils change subject following their GCSE results on the 12th of August, they will still have ample time to download and complete the work that is required for their new subject.

This summer home learning will be the first piece of work that our pupils complete at KS5.  The effort that they put into this demonstrates their commitment to the subjects they have chosen and their future at the sixth form.

Summer Home Learning

Applied Science





Computer Science







Maths and Further Maths

Music Booklet 1

Music Booklet 3




Religious Studies