At Ark John Keats academy, we aim to provide our pupils with the knowledge and support they need to become leaders in their chosen field. This section is focused to sharing opportunities related to careers and University which we encourage all our pupils to apply and take part in to enhance their portfolio and application for future university or work applications.

Whether you are a parent or a pupil, this would be good place to check regularly for these opportunities. We would recommend you check this site at least 2 or 3 times weekly and, in the morning, and/ or on your way to school.

If you have any questions or suggestions, email 

Mr. Wang ( - for any University related queries
Ms. Fasulo (I.fasulo@arkjohnkeatsacemy) - for any work related queries


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Broadening Horizons

AJK Lecture series and Essay competition

We are really excited to announce our virtual lecture series running the week of the 26th April . This is an opportunity to experience a university- style lecture and expand your knowledge in selected fields which will be key for future UCAS and university applications.

These lectures will be virtual and will be open to everyone in Y10 and Y12! (Selected Y13s are welcomed too)

Please check the times below and click on the link below to attend.

Date/ Time (15mins each)

Lecture topic


Link to join

Mon 26th 4.25pm

How travel can broaden your mind

Ms Hanley

Click here to join the meeting

Mon 26th 4.45pm

What is the impact of COVID-19 on the theatre industry?

Ms Vaughan

Click here to join the meeting

Tue 27th 4.00pm

Airline Industry - The Rise & Fall; Commercial Aircraft - Technology & Fleet Demographics

Mr Polycarpou

Click here to join the meeting

Tue 27th 4.25pm

What impact does ethics have on medicine?

Ms Nohavicka

Click here to join the meeting

Tue 27th 4.45pm

Extreme supply: How do we adapt to a world that goes beyond scarcity?

Mr Beta

Click here to join the meeting

Thurs 29th 4.00pm

What is toxic positivity and why it is so relevant now?

Ms Hatcher

Click here to join the meeting

Thurs 29th 4.25pm

What is President Trump's legacy in international politics?

Ms Davis

Click here to join the meeting

Thurs 29th 4.45pm

How to imagine and organize community arts and make cultural institutions relevant?

Mr Fulford

Click here to join the meeting

Fri 30th 3.15pm

Is social media a form of performance?

Ms Dowbiggin

Click here to join the meeting

Fri 30th 3.15pm

Why did the avant-garde works of Beethoven have so much success in 19th century London?

Ms Welch

Click here to join the meeting

Essay competition


Top 3 Y10 essays prizes; £20 amazon voucher each

Top 3 Y12 essays prizes; £30 amazon voucher each

Plus 5 additional prizes of £10 amazon voucher for well- written essays that displays good research and a unique point of view.

Competition details

Y10 pupils – Attend one of the lectures (either live or watch recording) and write an 800-word essay on the question posed.

Y12 pupils – Attend one of lectures (either live or watch recording), as well as research on another online source (e.g. another university lecture/ podcast) and write a 900-word essay on the question posed.

Deadline: 10th May Monday 6pm
Typed up and emailed to Mr Wang at