Y8 Home Learning

All Year 8 pupils have been given a Home Study Pack which will now form the basis of their studies.

These packs lay out the following:

  • Well being – keeping fit and healthy both physically and mentally is incredibly important during this difficult period. We would encourage every family to start the day with a well being activity. This could be mindfulness, yoga, outside exercise or online workout classes. We will continue to keep this updated and share new content and opportunities over the course of the term.
  • Resources – the two pagers detail the existing resources (exercise book, work packs etc.) that your child already has as well as some recommended online websites and materials to help them revise and test themselves.
  • Getting in touch – we have provided your teachers’ emails so your child or you can contact their subject teacher with any questions they may have about their learning as well. In the event of a school closure teachers will still be responding to their emails every day. This is the main point of contact for any subject issues or questions you or your child may have.
  • Timeline – your child should use their normal school timetable to organize their home learning. It is important that pupils learning experiences are as closely matched to their normal school day as possible. Each two pager lays out what tasks pupils should be completing and when. Your child’s tutor will be checking in them regularly.
  • Getting help – detailed guidance has been shared in the event your child is stuck or finding something difficult. Ultimately they will always be able to email their teacher for guidance during normal school hours but it will also help to develop their independence to work through this checklist.
  • Google classroom - To join a class on google classroom, press the ‘+’ in the top right corner of the screen. It’ll ask you for a class code, which you need to enter – take care, they are case sensitive.

We are looking to add to our remote learning by adding some lessons from the government’s Oak National Academy. These are online lessons designed to support your remote learning. They are to add to your 2 pagers and not replace them. It is important pupils complete the work set on the two pagers before moving on to take part in the online learning videos shared below. We will update these on a weekly basis and you can find the link here.

Session 1

Year 8

What lesson (s)


These lessons will support your wider learning

Lang analyis x1 and Grammar for writing: semi colons and colons




Earth structure is unsuitable but plant structure is good revision.


Sculpture - paper manipulation


Enlightenment and life


Please find below the Home Study Booklet

Y8 Home Study T5.pdf

Year 8 - Easter Home Study Pack.pdf


English Resources


Animal Farm - Full text PDF.pdf

Year 8 English Task.pdf

Y8 English HT6 June Animal Farm Task Booklet.pdf