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Updated: 31st March 2020 09.00am

Y11 Home Learning

It is critical that our Y11 pupils continue to prepare for their upcoming GCSE exams with the same effort and focus that they would have in school. To support them in this, their teachers have shared lessons and resources for this week. Our pupils need to follow their timetable each day using the resources below to guide their work. We have included additional revision resources for additional independent preperation. 

As a parent, you can support by ensuring a space to study at home and they are keeping to their timetable. Please do review the below resources and check their progress. You do not need to know or understand the content to see that they are working hard and completing the set tasks.  


Please find below the Home Study Booklet

Year 11 Home Study Booklet.pdf



Pupils have revision booklets for both their Language and Literature papers. They should use these to guide their self study and ensure they are completing practice questions at home in timed conditions. For their Literature paper pupils should be designing flash cards of the most important quotations and ensuring they are clear on what these are and the themes and ideas that each quotation represents.

1. Practice Literature Papers for both Exams.pdf

2. Literature Revision Pack.pdf

3. Practice Language Papers for both Exams.pdf

4. Language Revision Pack.pdf

5. Additional Literature Revision Pack.pdf

6. Additional Language Revision Pack.pdf

7. Poetry Anthology.pdf

8. Language Paper from MJE for 11A1.pdf

9. Language Paper 2 from MJE for 11A1.pdf

10. Literature Unseen Poems from TMO for 11A7.pdf

11. Literature Unseen Poems How it Should Look from TMO for 11A7.pdf

12. Literature Unseen Questions From TMO for 11A7.pdf

13. Language Paper from AMC for 11A7.pdf

14. Language Paper from AMC for 11A7_.pdf

15. Language Examples from TMO for 11A2.pdf

16. Language Skills Practice from TMO for 11A2.pdf

17. Language Paper from AWI for 11A5.pdf

18. Language Sources from ASM for 11A4.pdf

19. Literature Activities from MJE for 11A3.pdf

20. Literature Jekyll and Hyde Quotations.pdf



Pupils have a Hegarty Maths topic sheet which identifies the topics that they are strong and weak on. This is in their book. Pupils should be using these topic sheets to identify the most important revision areas and completing the online tutorials and tasks set on You can track this progress (how much time they have spent, how many questions they have attempted and how many they have got right). Pupils will also have past papers to work through and complete in their book.



Pupils have been give science revision checklists that they should be using to complete topics on Seneca learning - Pupils should work through the information and complete the tasks set online. Pupils also have topic overviews stuck into their books for every key topic to help them develop their own mind maps and flash cards for their own topics.

Biology Study Pack - Combined.pdf

Chemistry Revision Pack Combined Foundation.pdf

Chemistry Revision Pack Combined Higher.pdf

Physics Revision Pack Combined Foundation.pdf

Physics Revision Pack Combined Higher.pdf

Useful links Y9 Y10 and Y11 Science.pdf


Triple Science 

Pupils have been give science revision checklists that they should be using to complete topics on Seneca learning - Pupils should work through the information and complete the tasks set online. Pupils also have topic overviews stuck into their books for every key topic to help them develop their own mind maps and flash cards for their own topics.

Biology Study Pack - Triple.pdf

Chemistry Revision Pack Triple.pdf

Physics Revision Pack Triple.pdf

Useful links Y9 Y10 and Y11 Science.pdf



Pupils have their purple textbook to work through. This contains a number of different reading, speaking, writing and listening tasks designed to teach, test and develop their language skills in advance.



Use the flash cards uploaded to the website and revision calendar to help you prepare for your assessments. Using your purple textbook, orange books and revision guides to help structure your note taking and revision. Make sure you actually practising with your flash cards so you are becoming increasingly confident with the key terms and definitions

Geography Knowledge Recap Flash Cards.pdf

Paper 1 flashcards.pdf

Paper 2 flashcards.pdf

Paper 3 flashcards.pdf

Aim for a 4 flashcards P2.pdf

Year 11 - Paper 1 exam paper.pdf

Year 11 - Paper 3 exam paper.pdf

Year 11 - Past Paper Bundle 1.pdf

Year 11 - Past Paper Bundle 2.pdf



Pupils have been given a final revision pack which details everything they need to learn about their three papers. Pupils should read through the pack, colour code the fact tests and then make flash cards out of the topics they are less clear on. They should then complete all the tasks set out in the booklet. Pupils can also use the information resources and online quizzes here ( for their Edexcel paper information.

Y11 History home study work pack.pdf

Y11 History home study work pack.pdf

Year 11 - Paper 1 exam paper.pdf

Paper 1 info booklet.pdf

Paper 2A info booklet.pdf

Paper 2B info booklet.pdf

Paper 3 info booklet.pdf

Fact lists and exam question guide.pdf



Pupils have been given an overview sheet detailing the expectations for their project each week, this can be found in their sketchbook or folder. Pupils should continue to work through their experiments and complete 2-4 test pieces practically, along with a final plan for their 10 hour final piece. This final plan should include : drawn designs and labelled sketches, an equipment list, a step by step, and annotations explaining how this shows development, refinement and ‘realisation of intentions’ from the work already completed.

It is important during this time that pupils can access materials, so please see the links below for our nearest suppliers from which you can also order online if needed:


Computer Science

Pupils have a bank of questions in their exam practice folders which they can complete. They also have been given details about using Seneca learning to practice recalling key facts. They can use either their CGP Revision Guide, Knowledge Organiser pack or class notes to create flash cards to test themselves.

Pupils can watch Craig’n’Dave videos linked to all the topics they have covered in the specification here:

There are also a number of really useful information on the BBC Bitesize website to support with revision too, linked to the specification:



Pupils have completed their final performance so should be focused on revising and preparing for their theory on Interpreting Theatre. Pupil should know and understand their studeied text and use the supplied revision guides to prepare effectively for this. 



Pupils should use their spring home learning pack as well as knowledge booklet to create revision resources for each of the set works. BBC bitesize ( is good for basics but won’t be enough for all the content. Pupils should learn all their key words in your glossary and do the practice listening questions on google classroom. They could practice dictation on Composition coursework (all pupils): they should complete their write ups for their compositions on google classroom. Performance coursework (some pupils): If they haven’t recorded all their performance pieces yet / would like to rerecord, they must be practising regularly.

Useful links - music - year 11.pdf



Pupils have been given their revision packs for Paper 1 and Paper 2. Pupils should work through the revision pack using their book and CGP guide to ensure that all boxes are complete then complete the extended questions at the end to develop their thinking. Pupils should also use flashcards to memorise key terms and definitions.



Pupils have been given their overview sheet which details the topics that would have been covered in lesson and the HL that was set alongside this to support pupil learning. Pupils should use this to focus their revision on memorising their cue cards from each topic, completing the mini mock exams at the bottom of their home learning sheets and ensuring they have memorised their key religious quotations and ideas to support them in their work.