At AJK we understand the importance of home learning for not only mastering content but establishing independent study skills that will set pupils to set to be successful in their later exams. Pupils receive home learning every day and record this in their planner.

We know that getting HL right in Years 7-9 right sets your child up to be successful for their GCSEs and A-Levels. We have placed all your child’s home learning into one professionally produced booklet they should bring in and return every day. Our KS3 pupils have a home learning timetable for which to complete this booklet and they are set HL every day and can get into great habits of completing this at home. Each key task links to a week so even if your child is absent for week 1 they can complete all the task 1’s and ensure they have caught up alongside our catch up work timetable. You can find the link to your child’s home learning timetable below.

KS3 Autumn Timetable.pdf

Y7 - Home Learning Booklet.pdf

Y8 - Home Learning Booklet.pdf

Y9 - Home Learning Booklet.pdf