Primary: 8:45am to 3:30pm Monday-Thursday, and 8:45am to 2:45pm on Friday.


  • Y7 - Monday - Thursday 8:45am (arrive from 8:30am) to 3:30pm. Friday they finish at 2:40pm
  • Y8 - Monday - Thursday 8:45am (arrive from 8:30am) to 3:35pm. Friday they finish at 2:45pm
  • Y9 - Monday - Thursday 8:45am (arrive from 8:30am) to 3:40pm. Friday they finish at 2:50pm
  • Y10 - Monday - Thursday 8:30am (arrive from 8:20am) to 3:45pm. Friday they finish at 2:55pm
  • Y11 - Monday - Thursday 8:30am (arrive from 8:20am) to 3:50pm. Friday they finish at 3:00pm
  • Y12 - Monday - Thursday 8:30am (arrive from 8:20am) to 3:35pm. Friday the finish at 3:15pm
  • Y13 - Monday - Thursday 8.30am (arrive from 8:20am) to 3:45pm. Friday the finish at 3:15pm