What is Seesaw?

Seesaw provides a safe and secure digital environment for children to share their Remote Learning creatively by adding entries like photos, videos, drawing and notes. It creates a triangle of communication between parents, the teacher and your child.

How does it work?

Seesaw is an online learning platform which can be accessed directly from an internet browser or via the Seesaw app.

How will the school use Seesaw during your child’s time away from school?

Seesaw allows your child and the teacher to post, like and make comments to their learning journal. It allows the teacher to read and write private messages to the child/parent. What makes Seesaw so great is how it allows the pupil the opportunity to complete and upload their work on to the platform and the teacher to provide effective feedback.

How does my child get access to Seesaw?

Your child will be sent a code and a link via Class Dojo. This will enable access.  

How often will work be set by teacher?

Children will be set learning activities every school day (Monday-Friday) during a class closure.

3 learning activities will be posted every school day from 09:30am.

How will children share their work with their teachers?

With family support, children should access the online lesson materials and do their best to attempt tasks set by teachers.

Children are expected to return work as soon as they can by sharing it through Seesaw. We understand that family members may be unwell or are having to work from home.

Children may choose to upload a photo of work completed on paper, upload a word document (or similar) or use the creative tools on Seesaw to respond to tasks.

How will children share their work with their teachers?

Children will receive regular feedback on their work by their teacher. Feedback will include constructive comments, challenge questions and extension activities.

For families who have limited access to technology:

Please send an e-mail to primary@arkjohnkeatsacademy.org . In the e-mail please include the names of your children, the year groups they are in, their class names and what your access to technology currently is.  This is so that we can support you in the best way possible during your child’s self isolation.

Seesaw Website & App Guide.pdf