At Ark John Keats Academy, we believe that assessment is an essential part of our planning and teaching. Assessment takes two forms: summative assessment (a snapshot in time) which is formal and includes statutory assessment; and formative which is daily, ongoing teacher assessment of children’s learning and understanding.  The combination of both allows teachers to adapt their planning to cater for the needs of all pupils, and ensures they receive ample scaffold and stretch.  

As well as this, children are supported to undertake self and peer assessment form an early age. They are active agents in their learning and frequently give and receive feedback on all areas of the curriculum.  

Children’s learning is assessed throughout the year, and we have termly summative assessment points in reading, writing and Maths. During these times, we use network-standardised assessments from RWI, Head-start and Maths Mastery.  

There are a number of statutory assessment points throughout the school: 

At the beginning of Reception, children partake in the Reception Baseline Assessment. We track children’s progress through the EExAT system and then assess their progress against the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile before the children go into Year 1. 

In Year 1, children’s mastery of phonics is assessed and parents are advised whether their child is working at expected levels or if they will need to re-take the test in Year 2.  

At the end of Key Stage 1, Year 2 children are formally assessed in English and maths (KS1 SATs) and their writing is assessed against national frameworks.  

In Key Stage 2, children are assessed at two key points. At the end of Year 4, children complete the Multiplication Check. At the end of Year 6, children are formally assessed through national SATs tests and the results of these – as well as teacher assessments of writing – are reported to parents.  

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