Enrichment at Ark John Keats is made up of the following: class trips/workshops, pupil passport experiences and afterschool clubs. These extra-curricular activities are carefully designed to both compliment our curriculum and expose our pupils to experiences they may otherwise not have the opportunity to explore. 

Trips & Workshops 

School trips and workshops are carefully selected to immerse our pupils further in the curriculum they are being taught. Our aim is for each child in Reception to Year 6 to receive at least 6 experiences per year  

Pupil Passport Experiences 

Alongside knowledge, a child’s experience of the world helps shape their understanding, appreciation and view of it. The Pupil Passport Experiences are a series of interactions and/or connections. Through making these connections children engage with, and start to understand, the world around them. This is also how they make sense of what they see, what they feel and what they experience which in turn shapes their perception of life and their future role in it. These experiences range from dancing in the rain in Reception to organising a charity event in year 6.  

The document below maps out all the experiences in more detail.  

Pupil Experiences 2021.pdf

Afterschool clubs 

We offer the same 3 clubs to every year group: Arts & Crafts, Drama and Sports. Every pupil from years 1 – 6 is guaranteed a place in one club each year. For clubs, the academic year is split into 3 cycles. 

Clubs run on Tuesdays and Thursdays 3.30pm – 4.45pm. The dismissal window runs from 4.45pm – 4.50pm. If a child is not picked up by 4.50pm, this counts as late collection. Late fee will apply from 5pm