Year 8 France Trip

The school is running a cultural and languages trip to France for Year 8 pupils in May 2019.  The trip to Normandy in France will enable pupils to draw on their learning from a wide range of subjects and apply it in real contexts. The trip will build in opportunities throughout the visit for pupils to use their French language, learn and experience French culture and to visit sites of historical importance. Pupils will stay in a château and take part in many activities which will help them to develop their character and ability to work as a team.

We will travel to France on Friday 24th May. Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights will be spent in a château in France.  The total cost will be £310 and will include:

  • Coach hire
  • Return ferry
  • 3 nights accommodation in a château in France
  • Cost of all activities during the trip
  • Food
  • Insurance

We take seriously our responsibility for the safety and welfare of pupils at all times.  This raises particular issues when pupils are involved in an activity off-site.  Before taking pupils away from the school, we carry out a thorough risk assessment and take all necessary measures to minimise risks, including arranging appropriate levels of supervision by responsible adults.  We expect that pupils involved in the activity will co-operate fully with the arrangements made and to follow closely the instructions of the responsible adults throughout all activities. 

Alongside your confirmation that you are willing to undertake the finical cost of sending your child on the trip there is also an application letter for your child to complete to say why they want to go on the trip. If you wish your child to be considered for this trip, please complete the pro forma below, along with your child’s application form and return to the trip leaders, Mr. Mullarkey or Mrs. McKenzie, by Wednesday 7th March 2018.

If your child obtains a place on the trip, you will be required to secure this place with a non-refundable deposit of £60 by Friday 23rd March 2018. Your child will need to have their own passport. A standard child first British passport costs approximately £46.

The school operates a cashless system so all payments will be completed online through ParentPay. There will be three payments of £60 and two payments of £65 which will appear on your Parentpay account. All payments will be non-refundable and failure to complete a payment will result in your child’s place being replaced. The school will also offer the opportunity to pay in small weekly or monthly instalments to those parents who request it.

Letters will be returned to form tutors and the trip leaders (Mr Mullarkey and Mrs McKenzie). The pupils will be selected based on obtaining parental permission, completing a well thought through application form and the effort and progress the pupil has shown in Geography, History and French throughout Years 7 and 8.

There will be a parent meeting on Monday 5th March from 5pm where there will be an opportunity to ask any questions about the France trip to the group leaders. We look forward to seeing you there.