Ark John Keats Academy has a very strict approach to uniform and equipment. We believe all pupils must wear the uniform with pride and represent themselves and their school well. This means wearing all items of the academy uniform, keeping the uniform clean and neat and always having the top button done up and shirts tucked in. Pupils wearing their uniform well shows a commitment to the academy’s values and ethos and we expect this of all members of our school community. Pupils with all the correct equipment are ready to learn. Equipment is also checked every morning to ensure we are training pupils to be well organised and work-ready.

All of the Ark John Keats Academy uniform can be purchased from the Lyons uniform shop on the Hertford Road. Lyons also run an online service that offers delivery to the academy on alternate Tuesdays.

Primary Uniform

Below is the Primary Uniform Guide 

Uniform guide.pdf

Secondary Uniform

Compulsory Uniform

  • Blazer*: Navy with fuchsia lining.
  • Jumper*: Navy knitted V neck with school logo. Pupils must have their school jumper with them every day. The jumper must be worn during assembly.
  • Trousers: Navy school trousers, loose fitting with pleated front.
  • Skirt: Navy pleated front skirt. Must be worn knee length, with navy tights as listed below. If you do not wish your child to wear the school skirt then trousers should be worn. If you have particular concerns about this please contact your child’s Head of Year
  • Shirt: Plain light blue with collar. Long or short sleeved. Must be tucked in at all times, with the top button done up.
  • Tie*: Navy with pink and gold repeated stripes. This should be worn at an appropriate length down to the navel.
  • School rucksack*: Navy rucksack.
  • Dark socks: Black or navy only.
  • Plain navy tights: Socks must not be worn with the school skirt. Dark socks to be worn with the school trousers. Ankle socks cannot be worn over tights. They must be worn under tights and be black/navy in colour.
  • Plain black shoes: No trainers or boots. Laces must be black. No heels, please see examples below and if unsure contact your child’s head of year prior to purchasing.
  • Black or Navy Jacket: No branding or pictures. All jackets must be zipped – no hooded jackets that have to removed over the head are permitted
  • ID card on correct year group lanyard

* These items must be purchased from our school uniform supplier, Lyon School Shop,, 020 8804 3627.

Other uniform items and information not on the Lyons’ list

Outdoor clothing

Outdoor coats in the secondary phase should be dark coloured and plain and worn over the blazer. Jackets must not have large logos or branding on them. Denim jackets are not permitted. All Jackets must be zipped –no hooded jackets that have to be removed over the head are permitted.

Mobile Phones and Smart Watches

Mobile phones are to be handed in at the allocated area by 8:20AM. Mobiles that are seen by staff, in use or not, will be confiscated. If pupils need to call home they can do so from the office. Confiscated phones will be returned ten working days after confiscation. Parents will receive a text when phones are confiscated and due to be returned.

Smart watches capable of communication through connectivity with phones are not permitted


Ties must be worn to a length down to the navel by all pupils.

Footwear and tights

All pupils should wear plain black (leather effect) school shoes (laces should also be black). Any heeled shoes should be low heeled. Please note that black trainers of any variety are unacceptable. Please see the academy’s uniform policy for examples of acceptable footwear. Appropriate sports trainers must be worn in PE but can be any colour.

Skirts must be worn with navy tights (not socks) and trousers should be worn with plain dark coloured socks. Socks and tights may not be worn together, unless dark in colour (black or navy) and should be worn underneath the tights themselves not over tights. Boys socks must be black or navy in colour.

Hair and headwear

Hair must be of a natural hair color and appropriately styled (no tramlines, Mohicans or eyebrow/hair designs). Long hair must be tied back with a hair band of dark or school colour. Hair accessories must be discreet and in school colours. Baseball caps are not permitted. Pupils are permitted to cover their heads for religious or cultural reasons. Headscarves must be plain black or navy. Turbans and handkerchiefs must be plain black or navy.

Fingernail polish or make-up

Pupils are not allowed to wear fingernail polish or false nails. Make-up is not allowed. Any make-up or nail varnish that is worn will be required to be removed immediately.

Jewellery With the exception of a wrist watch and one small plain stud earing in each ear, no other jewellery is permitted. No other piercings other than the ear are permitted.

Equipment Pupils should bring the following items with them on their first day at school.

A clear pencil case with the following items:

2 black writing pens

1 red writing pen

1 green writing pen

2 highlighter pens

1 compass

1 sharpened pencil

1 protractor

1 reading book

1 pencil sharpener

1 rubber

1 glue stick

1 15cm/30cm ruler

1 Casio FX-85 ES or Casio FX-85 GT Calculator

1 Oxford School Dictionary

Water bottle

Secondary Price List 2020.pdf