AJK Rewards Overview 

At AJK, we believe that it is important to recognise achievement and effort from our pupils. We do this in a number of different ways: 


Pupils can receive merits from staff members for: 

  • outstanding effort in a piece of work 
  • outstanding achievement in a test 
  • an excellent contribution or question 
  • taking responsibility for their learning 
  • excellent attendance and punctuality 
  • excellent improvements either in their character or their lessons 

Pupils and tutor groups who receive a high number of merits are recognised during tutor time and the end of week celebration assembly. The end of week celebration assembly takes place every Friday (2.20-2.40pm) on MS teams – we would love to see parents watching the assemblies with their children or you can find our assemblies from the previous week on the school website.  Emails are also sent out to the parents of pupils who receive 3,5 and 7 merits in a day to congratulate the pupils on their hard work.  

At the end of our remote learning period, the tutor groups in each year group with the highest number of merits will receive the following group prizes: 

1st  prize: Music, hot chocolate and cookie at PM tutor time 

2nd  prize : Music and popcorn during PM tutor time 

3rd  prize: The first tutor group to lunch for a week 


Pupils can receive postcards from staff members for: 

  • persistent hard work or effort in a subject or partaking in additional work 
  • persistently taking responsibility for their learning 
  • taking part in extra-curricular activities 
  • an outstanding piece of work 

Postcards are emailed home to parents or given to pupils to take home. 


Pupils with 100% attendance each week are celebrated in the Friday assembly.  

Tutor group attendance is shared and celebrated during the Friday assembly, with the winning tutor group being able to select the assembly music for the following week.  

At the end of term, all students with 100% attendance are entered into a raffle amongst the peers in their year group with the opportunity to win an Amazon voucher.