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Updated: 31st March 2020 09.00am

Parent Association - AIM

AIM (All Ideas Matter)

The parent association of Ark John Keats is called AIM (All Ideas Matter). It is open to every parent across both primary and secondary. The association works  to develop the link between school, parents and the local community. We meet every term to discuss progress since our last meeting and to organise events, share parent feedback and work collaboratively on strengthening our school community. AIM has worked on improving safety outside school, designing the parent questionnaire, shaping the parental workshop programme and organises our famous International Culture Day, celebrating the diverse foods and backgrounds of our community. This year AIM will continue to help develop links between school and home, develop our parental workshop and continue to discuss and inform the school’s development through our regular meetings.

If you would like to volunteer some of your time to support AIM and have not done so, please email Mr. Mullarkey at  AIM is looking forward to seeing you at our future events.