All pupils will being self testing from the final test in school. Pupils will test themselves using the guidance below. Pupils aged 11 will need an adult to carry out the test for them. All parents can help and supervise with this testing. All results must be logged via the NHS website and via the school as well.


Weekly screening will reduce the spread of infection in both our school and local community. It will prevent asymptomatic cases coming on site.


If you are taking the test you should take it 3-5 days apart and advice is to take it in the morning 30 minutes before eating or drinking anything (this does not mean you cannot take it another time, just that you are advised to do so in the morning). We would strongly advise you all to engage in weekly screening and suggest you test on Monday and Thursday morning before you come to school


Test kits will be given out regularly in school. They will be handed out during PM prep time. Plea

Please read the guidance before you begin testing. There is an excellent step by step video to supporting you testing at home here.


You are legally required to report the test regardless of the result (negative, void or positive). Unlike an LFT administered at a test centre if you test positive you must book a confirmatory PCR test via this link here ( and email You must record your result here:


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