We are delighted to announce that from September 2021 we embark on an ambitious project known as The Digital Strategy in which all students in Years 3 to 13 can be loaned a FREE Chromebook device for use at home.

This will:

  • Enable your child to extend their education beyond the classroom and support their independent learning and revision.
  • Provide more time in class for learning and reduce the time spent by their teachers administering, marking, and monitoring home learning.
  • Bring school closer to home, so that you can be more engaged in their education and be guided to support by their teachers.

This scheme has been financed by Ark Schools and the Department for Education and aims to provide equal access to all students in these year groups - regardless of circumstance. As a result of this access, students will be able to use these devices as a tool for completing home learning, researching, and completing assessments, and revision. And as students’ progress through the Academy, they will retain the device loaned to them, returning them at the end of Year 6, 11 or 13 – as well as bringing them in for periodic Device Health Checks.

Regardless of whether your child has a computer at home already, we want students to have equal access to devices we know will work and will enable them to be used for regular home learning and study. We believe that by providing students with equal access to technology, we can transform the way that our students learn both inside the classroom and engage with their learning at home.

It is important that your child has a device we provide because:

  • We have installed a safeguarding monitoring solution to protect against cyber bullying and to safeguard your child
  • We have installed a web filtering solution on the internet browser so that they cannot access any prohibited material
  • The device access is restricted to being used at certain times (these have been set by the school)
  • We can ensure that the solutions we provide will work on these devices but cannot be sure that they will work on a home provided device
  • We want to ensure a consistent approach for all of our pupils and to make it equitable

In addition to this, we also understand that when our students engage with learning platforms, resources and with accessible and relevant content – including those provided through SpArk, opportunities to learn and consolidate their understanding can take an entirely new dimension.

The Digital Strategy is currently being led by Ms Grewal (Secondary) and Ms McGroary (Primary).

We recommend your read this in advance, Student Device Home School Agreement.pdf. If you agree to the Student Device Home School Agreement please complete this https://forms.office.com/r/D4k0F6bPGy to request your device.

If you have more than one child, you will only need to attend one of these appointments – but we ask that you please include details of the names and classes for each child in the notes field on the booking page.

If your child was previously loaned a device:

You are required to bring the device in for a Device Health Check and to sign the Student Device Home School Agreement. During this appointment, your child’s device will be checked and will be returned if we are satisfied it is working as expected. If it does not work as expected, we will conduct a more thorough assessment and will communicate with you the outcome as outlined in the agreement.

If you are in a possession of a device and attended a Device Health Check in July 2021 then no further action is required.

Should you have any further queries, please email ajkdigitalstrategy@arkjohnkeatsacademy.org

Digital Awareness UK

Digital Awareness UK delivered two webinars aimed at parents in November. These sessions highlighted some of the biggest online risks and identified how to better support children on their digital journeys.

Primary Parents Webinar, 23rd of November

Secondary Parents Webinar, 24th of November