Primary Remote Learning

During this period of school closure, it is important that every child continues to learn and make excellent progress. On this page, we have set out how we intend to achieve this in the Primary phase.

We understand that this is a difficult time for everybody: we do not expect parents to try to replicate the work of teachers in school. However, we have designed a remote learning offer that we hope will allow all pupils to work independently while continuing to receive the benefits of high-quality teaching across the curriculum.



Our remote curriculum

Most of our lessons are pre-recorded rather than live: we believe that for our families, flexibility and simplicity is important, especially in homes with multiple siblings and parents who are still working full time.

Please note:

  • Work is uploaded by teachers by 9:30am every morning.
  • Videos of lessons vary in length from 10-25 minutes. However, our teachers include lots of opportunities to pause and complete tasks that help with understanding. An individual lesson may therefore last up to about an hour in length.
  • We provide up to 3 hours of work every day for EYFS and KS1, and 4 hours a day for KS2.
  • The lessons that we provide follow our normal curriculum, as far as possible.

Below is an overview of the work that we provide:


Where is work uploaded?

Work offered

Nursery, Reception and Year 1

Class Dojo

Recorded lessons in maths and literacy every day.  

Recorded lessons in foundation subjects twice a week.

Daily ‘wake & shake’ activities.


Years 2 – 6


Recorded lessons in maths, literacy and a foundation subject every day. 

Daily ‘wake & shake’ activities.

Daily subject challenges.

Class novel

Parents or pupils should take a photo of completed work each day and upload them to Class Dojo (EYFS and Year 1) or Seesaw (Years 2-6). Our teachers will then provide feedback, helping our pupils to continue to make excellent progress.

For more guidance on using Seesaw, please click on this link to watch a series of short video tutorials:


During this time, it is of vital importance that pupils keep reading. They will be hearing stories from their teachers during Zoom check-ins, in addition to their daily reading lessons. Outside of this time, pupils should be reading independently for at least 20 minutes a day:

  • In EYFS and KS1, this should be reading aloud to an adult.
  • In KS2, pupils can read novels silently and summarise to their adults when they have finished.

The following resources may be helpful as sources of books:

  • Get Epic – a free, online store of exciting books. Parents can create a free account and access books for their children to read.
  • Additional help and guidance for reading with your child can be found here.
  • There is also a fantastic range of free audio books for children here.
  • Lots of authors and illustrators are doing fantastic book reading; here is a guide to the best ones!

Doodle (Years 2-6) and TT Rockstars (Years 3-6)

While pupils are at home, they should still be logging on to Doodle and (if they are in KS2) TT Rockstars for 5 minutes every day. Teachers will continue to set ‘extra’ tasks on DoodleMaths, DoodleEnglish and DoodleSpell on Fridays. These tasks should be completed by Tuesday morning, as per our normal homework policy.

Missing Home Learning

To ensure pupils make as much progress as possible during this time, it is essential that they complete all daily tasks set. To support with this, teachers will check the previous day’s work every morning at 8.00am.

We understand there may be a legitimate reason why on a particular day, tasks have not been completed.  If this is the case, please inform us as soon as possible via Class Dojo.  For EYFS and year 1 we will expect engagement to increase as soon as possible. For years 2 – 6 we will expect the pupil to catch up on some of the work missed and will support with this where we can.

 Where work is not complete and there has been no prior communication, we will follow the procedure below:

Work not completed


1st day

Message on Class Dojo

2nd day

Phone call home from class teacher

3rd day

Phone call from a senior leader of the school

If a teacher is concerned about the standard of work being submitted by a pupil, they will phone home to gain an understanding of why and offer support where needed to ensure the standard improves. If it is deemed to be down to lack of effort, the pupil may be asked to complete the work again.



Teachers will provide feedback on work, on Class Dojo (EYFS and Year 1) or Seesaw (Years 2-6). Teachers can also be contacted via Class Dojo if there are any concerns about a piece of work. Remote learning will also be discussed during the weekly 1:1 calls.

Laptops for Year 1 – Year 6

We can provide Chromebooks for remote learning. The provision will be on a loan basis to cover the period that children need to access their learning remotely. This Chromebook is to be kept at home for the duration of the school closure period to enable pupils to access their lessons from home.

There is no charge to borrow this device. However, parents will have to pay if the Chromebook is stolen, lost or damaged. When collecting the Chromebook, there is a contract to sign to this effect. 

If you would like to take advantage of this offer, please complete this form. We will then review all requests. Our aim is to distribute laptops to families in the first 48 hours after a request is made.   

Exercise books

Exercise books are freely available from school for pupils to work in and we are happy to provide extra stationary.



Good Routines

Good routines are helpful in all areas of life.  During this time supporting your child with a home learning routine which resembles school life as much as possible is best for their wellbeing and learning.  This is not a holiday period. We recommend that you set regular hours for your child to complete their work. We understand that during this time what is possible in one household regarding routine will be different to that of another.  Our year group specific timetables can be found below.

Primary Remote Learning 1


  • We understand that during this time what is possible in one household regarding routine will be different to that of another.
  • Add additional short breaks during learning time if your child is finding concentrating for long periods challenging
  • Try to keep the timetable as regular as possible.
  • Once you have your timetable for the week, make it visible. Create a version of it with your child and stick it on the fridge or in their learning space so they have a visual reminder of their routine.
  • The more you include on the timetable (all learning, free time, exercise, dinner etc) the more the timetable will aid your child’s focus for the day

Daily Online Check-Ins

Alongside our weekly calls, we believe it is important that our pupils interact with their classmates and teacher daily. This will be in the form of 5–10-minute Zoom calls where pupils will be able to:

  • Listen to their class teacher read.
  • See other members of their class.
  • Celebrate their effort with home learning.

Pupils should attend the check-in every day. We will make the link accessible for your child’s check-in via Class Dojo and Seesaw. Please observe the following rules for Zoom check-ins:

  • Pupils should wear suitable clothing, as should anyone else in the household who might appear on camera.
  • Sit in a communal area of the home. Please make sure that pupils do not join their calls from their bedrooms.
  • Language must be kind, respectful and appropriate.

Below are the times for each year group’s daily Zoom check-in:





Year 1


 Year 2


 Year 3


 Year 4


Year 5


Year 6



AJK Community Offer

To go with our weekly calls and daily check-ins we also believe it’s important for pupils to have a community offer - things that we’re doing to ensure that pupils continue to feel valued and celebrated, as part of our wonderful AJK community. See below for what we have in store!

Class Dojo Updates

The senior leadership team will use Class Dojo as a way of communicating with the pupils and inspiring them through stories and poetry. We will also use Class Dojo for announcements and information sharing.

Home Learning Stars

We will be rewarding pupils who show excellent effort with ‘Home Learning Stars’. Every day the ‘Home Learning Stars’ will be shared by the class teacher.

On our return to school, pupils will be able to convert their home learning stars into chart merit stickers for EYFS and KS1 and scholar of the lesson merit stamps for KS2 – all of which count towards our AJK merit badges!

Weekly Assembly

Ms Baird and the leadership team will record assemblies for all pupils each week which will include:

General updates for the week

A wellbeing message

AJK Super Scholar shout outs (see below)

Exceptional work shout outs (see below)

Class engagement shout out (see below)

Saying the pledge

AJK Super Scholar calls and certificates.

Each week one pupil per class will be selected to receive a phone call from a member of our senior leadership team for showing exceptional effort with home learning for an entire week. They will get a mention in our weekly assembly and certificates will follow in the post.

Exceptional Work Shout out

Each week during our weekly assembly one scholar from every year group will have their work shared with the rest of the school.

Class engagement shout outs

For this shout out the school is split into 3 cohorts:

EYFS and Year 1

Year 2 and Year 3

Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6


The top class for engagement in each cohort will receive a shout out during our weekly assembly and 5 minutes extra break for when we return to school.

Daily subject challenge videos

Our subject leaders will be sending pupils in Y2-6 a challenge-a-day related to their subject. We’re excited to see what they have in store! 

Daily P.E challenge videos

Mr Verrall, our Head of P.E, will be sending all pupils a ‘wake & shake’ challenge a day! It’s now more important than ever that pupils stay as active as possible. Watch out for some special guests….

Fun Fridays

Reception, Y1 and Y2 will hold our very popular ‘Fun Friday’ events each week.


If you have any questions or encounter any problems, Class Dojo will remain the main method of communication between parents and teachers. Seesaw will only be used as a program in which teachers, parents and pupils may see lessons and upload work.

Teachers will call home once a week to check in and provide any support they can over the phone. If you are unable to access online learning for whatever reason, please contact the primary office via e-mail at

Thank you in advance for all the support you will give your children to learn remotely. We know this is a challenging time for all our families and our thoughts are very much with you. If there is anything we could do as a school to make things easier for you, please don’t hesitate to let us know.


SEND Remote Support

At Ark John Keats we provide online interventions for pupils that were part of an intervention group in school, as well as for every pupil with an Education Health and Care Plan that is currently at home.

These sessions are made up of three twenty minute one-to-one sessions per week. For those with an Education Health and Care Plan the sessions are 30 minute sessions per week. These are split into two parts: carrying out the intervention with the pupil and then feeding back to the parents and providing a follow up task. For more information on interventions please contact the school via e-mail.