Mastery Curriculum

The aim of our curriculum is to provide our pupils with a coherent, content-rich and cumulative academic experience that will develop their cultural literacy and ensure outstanding academic achievement.

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    Mastery Curriculum

    Primary Curriculum

    Our curriculum has been developed to ensure every pupil reads, writes, speaks and listens to a very high standard, no matter what their starting point. There is also a significant emphasis on mastery. All pupils, from Reception to year 11, will study English, maths, biology, chemistry, physics, geography, history and a language (from year 2). All pupils up to the end of year 9 will also study art and music and will learn a musical instrument. All pupils will have physical exercise at least 3 times weekly.

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    Secondary Curriculum

    At AJK, the curriculum in each subject area has been designed backwards from university study, through A-Level, GCSE and down to KS3. At each point the knowledge, conceptual understanding and skills that need to be mastered in order to move on have been defined. All subject areas should prepare pupils for future study within this discipline, leaving no doors closed to pupils as they narrow their choices later in their education.

    This curriculum overview outlines the key content that will be covered in each subject area across KS3, KS4 and KS5.

    Our curriculum is organised into three mastery cycles which are assessed through formal examinations during Assessment Point 1 (Dec), Assessment Point 2 (April), End of Year Exams (June)

    Pupils also follow the Character Curriculum. This can be found below.

    Alongside this curriculum, we also run over 50 enrichment sessions that pupils can choose from. This programme is currently on hold due to Covid-19 and will return when it is safe to do so.

    Key Stage 4

    All our pupils will study the following English Baccalaureate (Ebac) subjects at key stage 4:

    • English
    • Maths
    • Science
    • History or Geography
    • Languages

    They will also have the option to choose two of the following subjects:

    • Art
    • Music
    • Drama
    • PE
    • PRE
    • Computer Science
    • History or Geography

    Key Stage 5

    Our key stage 5 curriculum has been planned backwards from university level study, and builds on the strong foundations that were put in place at key stages 3 and 4.  Academic in nature, our curriculum has been designed by subject experts to ensure our pupils are fully prepared to meet the demands of higher study. Whether studying A levels, or one of our professional pathways, the programme of study for each subject has been designed with university in mind. 

    At A level we offer all Russell group ‘facilitating subjects’ as well as a range of other choices. We believe that this offer prepares our pupils to attend the best universities in the country whilst cultivating their curiosity and passion for new areas of academia. We also offer a select number of Professional Pathways. These are rigorous level 3 qualifications that are complemented by a careers readiness programme, careers mentoring and business partnerships.

    Whilst we will endeavour to offer all subjects listed below, we will only be able to run a course if there is sufficient uptake.

    A levels

    Art & Design



    Computer Science

    Drama and Theatre Studies


    English Literature


    Further Mathematics



    MFL (French)


    Physical Education





    Religious studies

    In additions to the A-levels we also offer:

    Extended Project Qualification

    Professional pathways

    What is Professional Pathways?

    For students who wish to access higher level study or employment through a route other than A level, Professional Pathways could be the route for you. Professional Pathways is an innovative programme of study offered at sixth forms across the Ark network. It has been designed in close collaboration with partners from the commercial and public sector. Those on this pathway will study towards the BTEC Extended Diploma, worth three A levels, in a programme that integrates academic study with extensive work experience opportunities, work readiness and career mentoring programmes.

    We will be offering Professional Pathways in Applied Science and Business.

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