AJK Primary Academy Council

We are pleased to introduce our newly elected AJK Primary Academy Council.

This year,  the council is made up of 8 pupils — a boy and a girl from each Year 1 and Year 2 class.

Pupils who wanted to be on the academy council wrote letters to Ms Baird stating why they would like to be on the AJK Academy Council and why they thought they would be a good candidate for the role.  The letters were all brilliant! Ms Baird was impressed with all of them. The children who wrote letters read them to their classes and the pupils in each class voted for the two children they wanted to be their class councillors.

The councillors are:

Year 1:

McKee - Jahnavi and Nabhan

Jeffers - Alexis and Alessio

Year 2:

Potter - Star and Tommy

Dahl - Lily and Lucien


Ms Baird is very excited to work with her new councillors to make AJK an even better school.