Wonderful Work in Maths

In the Maths department, Key Stage 3 are all focusing on geometry on their return from the Christmas holidays. Year 7 are measuring and drawing angles and learning to reason using basic angle facts. Year 8 are building on this and also looking at how to construct triangles accurately. They are also investigating angle facts on parallel lines. Year 9 are looking at one of the most famous mathematicians, Pythagoras, and studying his theorem.

In Key Stage 4, year 10 are using all the algebra knowledge they’ve worked so hard to accumulate in previous years to investigate algebraic reasoning. In year 11, some pupils are really stretching themselves by studying functions, transformations of graphs and iteration. Others have moved on to the revision scheme of work, consolidating all their knowledge before their GCSE exams later this year.

The Maths department were so impressed with the effort lots of our pupils put into their holiday Home Learning. Be that a poster on a famous mathematician, or Hegarty Maths tasks to consolidate their learning from the Autumn term. Biran in year 7 particularly impressed us with her detailed and well-presented posted on Isaac Newton, which is shown in the photo. Well done Biran!