Wonderful Work in Art

At the end of last term, Year 10 pupils completed their ‘Food workshops’ project. The pupils explored the 5 different areas of study (Fine Art, Graphics, 3D, Textiles, and Photography) through different workshops where they experimented with a wide range of media. This included using acrylic paint to create observational paintings of doughnuts, fluid painting of fruit segments, designing food slogans using stencil printing, fashion illustration using food as inspiration, mono printing/stitching of organic forms onto fabric, creating clay forms inspired by food, and using food as landscape in photography.

Pupils then selected an area of strength to develop further where they independently created a final artwork of their choice in practical exam conditions as part of their AP1. As you can see above, Year 10 pupils have shown excellent adaptability and tenacity in developing and mastering their chosen media/area of study in their final pieces. We look forward to seeing their future creations!