Wonderful Work in Computer Science

This term, Year 10 have begun their Computer Science journey by learning about exactly why computers use 1’s and 0’s, and how images, videos and sounds can all be encoded using just these two numbers. They have been using their mathematics skills to count and recognise binary numbers, as well as how to add, multiply and divide them. They have also been working incredibly hard to organise and present their notes to a high-standard so that they will be able to use their books as a reference and revision resource throughout their study.

In Year 11, pupils have been learning and writing about the ethical, legal and environmental issues related to the use of technology in society. They have been finding out about the ethics behind: healthcare, wellbeing, social media, internet-based services and new business practices afforded by the internet. In addition to this, they have also been learning about privacy, surveillance, censorship, software piracy and environmental issues such as eWaste.

Over the summer, they also conducted their own research into a topic of their choice, exploring the ethical, legal and environmental issues linked to their research area.