Wonderful Work in PRE

Our Year 8 PRE students have been demonstrating how their revision skills have developed over the year.  This is a key learning disposition which will enable them to be really successful in the upcoming Assessment Point.  You can see how Wendy and Naomi have used colour coding to identify different types of information in their mind maps.  This is really important as it shows the ability to make thoughtful decisions about how and why you are linking and displaying material.  Mind mapping has then been used to draw out similarities and differences which you can see in Elina’s work. This work has also been supported by the use of previous pieces of writing, which have themselves been improved in green pen.  Yasemin’s work is an excellent example of this; note how she has annotated the question to complete a mini plan of what she will include.  All of this hard work and effort will ensure that they will be successful at AP3.