Wonderful Work in Maths

In year 10 last term, pupils looked at properties and calculations with 3D shapes and geometric reasoning. Pupils looked in further detail at trigonometric functions and began to explore proofs. Some pupils produced informative posters explaining the sine and cosine rules and how to apply them, as seen above in the examples of Miana and Katelyne. Year 10 are now moving on to explore probability and then applications of algebra.

In KS3, both year 8 and 9 are building on their previous knowledge of geometry by exploring circles and Pythagoras’ Theorem respectively. Year 7 will be introduced to algebra for the first time and build the foundations they will need for algebraic manipulation in the coming years. Selected year 8 pupils will also be working on their Scholars’ Projects this term, looking at algorithms from Decision Mathematics that pupils wouldn’t normally study until A-Level!

Everyone in the Maths department is looking forward to seeing the excellent work pupils will produce in the Summer term!