Wonderful Work in Art

Thursday 29 March 2018

At the end of this term, pupils in Year 7, 8, 9 and 10 have completed their final pieces for their practical assessment in Art. All pupils have shown great responsibility in completing their independent work in practical exam conditions where it has been assessed as part of their AP2.

Year 7 pupils have been developing their ‘Personality Printmaking’ project and have created a three-layered final piece that represents parts of their personalities using the 3 printmaking techniques they learned. Year 8 have been working on their ‘Expressionist Portraits’ project and have created expressionist portraits of themselves. Year 9 pupils have been working on their ‘Mixed Media Journeys’ project and have created mixed media collages reflecting their own historical or aspirational journeys.

Year 10 pupils have completed their ‘Food’ project which they begun in September. The pupils first explored the different areas of study (Fine Art, Graphics, 3D, Textiles, and Photography) through workshops where they experimented with media such as fluid painting, photography and mono printing/stitching onto fabric. The pupils then moved on to their own areas of specialism where they investigated the theme of ‘Food’ personally through creating mind maps, artist research, experiments and design ideas in their sketchbooks. As you can see above, Year 10 pupils have created final art pieces adapting the theme of ‘Food’ to explore areas such as healthy/unhealthy food, advertising and eating disorders etc.

All pupils have shown excellent tenacity in developing their ideas into unique creations. Carefully selected final pieces will be proudly and professionally displayed around the school. Please take a look at the artwork on your next visit.