Wonderful Work in French

In French this term, pupils have demonstrated excellent curiosity and responsibility. Year 7 have researched Francophone countries of Africa to create great information packs, posters and booklets, and some have found the topic so interesting that they did further research over the following weeks, bringing our classes new facts and figures. Year 8 had their first speaking exam for AP2, but demonstrated their motivation to improve every skill by creating brilliant proof-reading resources for them and other students to use. Their linguistic awareness shines through and they should be very proud of the work they have done this term.  Year 9 have been looking at a darker time in French history with the events of Oradour Sur Glane during World War Two. Like the year 7s, they showed fantastic curiosity by researching more than what we did in lessons, asking thoughtful questions, and putting their findings into a display for everyone to learn from. All pupils should be very proud of their work in French so far and we look forward to seeing more curiosity in the coming term!