Wonderful Work in Science

University of Reading regionals Science Challenge:

16 pupils were selected to represent the school in the University of Reading regionals Science Challenge which was held in the Science department at AJK on Wednesday the 17th January. This gave pupils the opportunity to extend their understanding of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) pathways available to them once they leave school.  The event was a university challenge style activity to test pupils’ STEM knowledge. The competition is based on the long running and very popular TV quiz - 'University Challenge'. Our two winning teams will be competing at the National competition at a later date. This was an exciting opportunity for the pupils to apply their existing scientific knowledge in a team setting, and we were very impressed at the level of curiosity and tenacity shown throughout the event.

Practical Skills:

As part of the required practicals, pupils have been responsible in planning methods to carry out practicals ranging from growing bacteria, carrying out chicken wing dissections, testing food for starch, glucose, lipids and protein and even measuring resistance using variable resistors! Pupils worked in groups, and were not only altruistic throughout, but they also used their adaptability traits to be successful in the completion of it.