Digest Speakers at AJK

This half term we have visitors coming in as part of our Digest Speaker programme for all students in Y7-9. In January we had a visit from Nicky Murphy, a Chief of Staff and Director of Policy within NHS England, and at the start of February Charlotte Marshall from charity Cardboard Citizens will be speaking to Y7 and Y8. Ms Murphy shared information with Y9 about her current role and the past experience she had which led her to this role. She also described in detail various challenges she has faced over the course of her career, and the mindset that she finds most helpful in overcoming and learning from these challenges. She shared some extremely valuable insights with Y9, and we are very grateful for her time.

Ms Murphy was interviewed by a student panel consisting of Y9s Delainie, Nadira, Fatma, Aidan and Kimaly, who all did an excellent job of projecting clearly. Our digest speaker programme is a very important part of our Raising Aspirations programme, where individuals come in to speak to our students about their career. We want all of our pupils to be exposed to the widest possible range of careers and career paths. We want our pupils to understand what it takes to succeed in different industries and to understand the key decisions that they will take in their lives, both in school and outside of school, which will affect their career path. Before and after the visit students discuss the speaker’s answers with their form tutor, in order to ensure that all students get the most out of the visit.