Year 9 Options Evening

By the end of this half term all pupils in year 9 will have selected which courses they would like to study at GCSE. This is a huge decision for our pupils and it is imperative that they dedicate time and effort to selecting the pathway that is right for them. We are launching this process on Tuesday the 9th of January at 5.30pm, when we will be holding our options evening for year 9 pupils. This is an opportunity for parents and pupils to learn about the exciting curriculum that we have on offer for KS4 and for pupils to begin thinking about the subjects they wish to take at GCSE.

At this evening pupils will find out:

  • Which topics they will study as part of each GCSE course 
  • What skills will they learn and how their character will develop
  • What it’s like to study each subject post-GCSE
  • The future careers that studying each of these subjects might lead to
  • Pre-requisites that are required for success in each subject area

It is essential that our year 9 pupils attend this event in order to obtain the information they need to make well informed decisions about the futures. We look forward to seeing you there!