Character at AJK

We have returned to school and are really excited about the developments in the character programme. It is great to see our new Year 7s engaging with the programme. For those of you that are unaware, at Ark John Keats we explicitly teach pupils how to show good character. We are committed to ensuring that our pupils not only leave with outstanding grades, but also with the necessary character to take on all of life’s challenges and obstacles. In order to do this we teach pupils character, four times a week. These sessions involve a range of content and are always followed by a discussion, chaired by a pupil in which pupils respectfully and politely engage with one another’s views. This term Year 7 are looking at the value of education, they have looked at case studies of education from around the world and have also ‘zoomed’ in on their education here at AJK and the benefits that it affords them. Year 8 are looking at self – discipline and the importance of self – discipline. Year 9 have seen an exciting development in the structure of their character sessions, now having discussions for 25 minutes at a time. Year 9 have been looking at how they identify themselves, and the concept of identity. Year 10 have started the year by doing dual discussions in our lecture theatre, helping them to develop confidence to speak out in front of a wide audience. It has been a great start to character and we look forward to seeing it develop this year.