Sports Day 2017

For the first time in AJK history Sports Day was held at the Queen Elizabeth II Athletics Stadium. This year saw pupils competing to earn points for their continent in a wide range of different activities including track, field events, rounders and football.

Throughout the day pupils showed excellent empathy by cheering on their continents and what was lovely to see was the great sportsmanship and comradery displayed by pupils both before and after their events, particularly on the track.

The winning continent on the day was the Americas who put in a strong performance is all aspects of the competition. Also a shout out to Africa who had amazing team spirit throughout the day and created some innovative chants and cheers to spur on their team to succeed.

Well done to all pupils who made the day such a success and thank you to all the teachers who made the day possible.

The day saw many medals earned and new school records set which pupils in following years will aspire to.