Wonderful Work - Maths

There were many successes to be celebrated in the Maths department last term. Year 7 looked at algebra, most of them for the very first time! They learnt how to form equations, simplify algebraic expressions and substitute. Some started to explore algebraic proof and make predictions based on patterns they spotted, as seen in Courtney Stone’s work below. Eight of our year 8 pupils presented Scholars’ Projects on a range of algorithms that pupils wouldn’t usually work with until they are studying for their A Levels! Pupils showed great curiosity when working with their mentors and courageously presented to a rotation of parents and staff in a PhD-style format. Some pupils went a step further and included code in their presentations, as seen in Jamari Smith’s presentation below. Year 9 had a busy half term, working with Pythagoras’ Theorem, looking at transformations and exploring probability. Miana Manley’s work shows how she used Pythagoras’ Theorem to investigate whether triangles were right-angled or not. Pupils will shortly have the opportunity to show off how hard they’ve been working in Maths this year in their end-of-year exams. We look forward to seeing the work pupils will produce this half term!