Curriculum Day

Last Friday pupils took part in another fantastic curriculum day where they were faced with new and exciting challenges to stretch their character and raise their aspirations. Year 7 took part in a day developing their communications, working as a team to orienteer around Albany Park, thinking about how we can use biblical fables to talk about huge ideas and working in pairs to break down an exciting French language film about a curious cat! Year 8 took part in a New Technology day where they learnt to code a mini computer to play rock, paper, scissors, demonstrated their tenacity through solving computational thinking problems and using robotics and art software to edit images. They showed fantastic problem solving skills throughout and developed their IT literacy in exciting and useful ways.

A huge highlight was the Year 9 Raising Aspirations trip to the University of Surrey. All pupils will experience a trip to university this year and Year 9 led the way, taking part in a lecture, a university campus tour and a seminar based around a subject of their interest. Our pupils debated the copyright of songs, designed amazing paper bridges to demonstrate their fantastic engineering skills and learnt how to treat a sick dog. Year 7 and 8 will have their own university visit at the end of term 6.