Wonderful Work - Music

We have had a very exciting start to 2017 in Music, including lots of performances in and outside of school, an orchestra trip and tackling lots of challenging topics in class. We finished the term with celebration assembly, and the choir sung ‘Proud’ to every year group. This was a fantastic way to reflect on all the progress we had made and to be proud of our hard work. The choir were really courageous in their performance, click here to see their performance.


Year 7 have just completed a project on Samba music, where they learnt all about music from Brazil and how important it is to their culture. The Samba band also worked really hard to perform in assembly. This term, we are learning about the instruments of the orchestra. We have already begun to explore String and Woodwind instruments and pupils have displayed their knowledge through performing ‘Ode to Joy’ in class. We look forward to seeing the final performances where pupils will use their knowledge and skills to tell a story through the instruments they choose to use!

Year 8 have just completed a project on Blues music, where they learnt all about the 12 bar blues and they background to Blues music. They wrote their own blues songs and worked really hard to create lyrics that had the correct structure. The guitar club, full of year 8 pupils, performed at the end of the term in the year 8 celebration assembly. They worked really well as a team to produce a fantastic performance, click here to see their performance. This term we are learning about minimalism, a challenging topic which pupils have already approached with great tenacity, we are looking forward to hearing the final minimalist compositions!


Year 9 have just completed a project on Cover songs and club dance music. Every group approached these topics in unique ways and challenged themselves to use courage in order to make their performances the best they could be. Click here to listen to a club dance composition which earnt Cara-Rose and Samantha in 9S1 full marks for AP2! This term we are learning about Reggae and year 9 have approached this topic with fantastic curiosity, researching the background of Reggae music and the important influences it had on Jamaica and the world! We look forward to hearing their Reggae songs!


This term there are lots of opportunities to be involved in extra-curricular musical activities, keep your eye out for: Choir (Tuesdays 16:30-17:30), Samba band (Wednesdays 15:00-16:00) and Orchestra (Thursdays 16:30-17:30) and also for instrumental lesson sign ups which will be happening in week 5. Speak to Ms Morris if you would like to be involved!