Scholars Project

Over the last term, we have had the great opportunity to celebrate the success of pupils across different subjects and year groups on our various scholars’ evenings. A group of passionate Year 7 pupils presented to parents, staff and peers on topics of their choice across time, place and ideas- showing high levels of independent research and evaluation.  A group of scholars from Year 8 and 9 composed and performed individual pieces of music showing initiative, courage and dedication to their pieces. Most recently, our Year 8 Science scholars impressed their audience with a series of thoughtful and engaging discussions around ethical issues such as the development of artificial intelligence and animal testing. All pupils worked very hard and we would like to thank all pupils, staff and parents whose involvement contributed to the success of these evenings. We look forward to our upcoming Drama, French and Art scholars’ projects this term.

Please click on the below to see some of the work produced by our Music Scholars:

Alex -

Leah -

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