Year 3's time travel to 1940!

The Home Front Bus is a unique Living History Experience contained in a double decker bus. 

As the Year 3 pupils entered the bus, they travelled back to 1940 at the height of 'The Blitz' during World War 2. 

The first room of the bus was converted into an authentic 1940's Living Room.  In here the children compared the surroundings with what they would find in a modern day living room.  Among other revelations, they were surprised to find no radiators and no television. Into the next room and  the children found themselves inside a 1940's corner shop where they learnt about rationing and were shocked by the limited amount of sweets. Upstairs was a bombed out street where the children learnt about the consequences of the air raids and how Britain survived with the help of fireman, policeman, doctors, nurses and Air Raid Wardens.  Whilst they were on the street, the air raid siren began and so the warden rushed everyone into the Anderson shelter.  Whilst bombs went off outside, the children discovered the difficult (and often smelly) conditions people lived with to be safe.

What an experience!