Wonderful Work - Music

This term we have been working on very exiting topics in Music and we have used our tenacity, courage and curiosity to be successful in these topics across years 7, 8 and 9.

In year 7, we have been learning all about Samba music, learning to improve our rhythmic skills as a class and using curiousity to discover the background of Samba and what it is created for. Here is 7S7’s wonderful class performance of a Samba piece using lots of different textures, complicated rhythms and call and response. Click here

In year 8 we have been learning about film music and we have used our knowledge of film music in order to create our own music to the clip of the opening scene of the Lion King. There are fantastic examples of storyboards that we used in order to plan out our work. Here is just one piece of work from Emily and Lyndsey, they have used a variety of film music composition techniques and their music fits the clip wonderfully making it a very enjoyable watch! Click here

In year 9, we have been learning about club dance music and about Logic Pro software which we have been using in order to create our own pieces of music. Here is an example of Emre Bakir’s work, he has used a variety of club dance techniques and loops in Logic Pro in order to create an enjoyable and very catchy piece of music. Well done for all the fantastic work in Music this term, we look forward to seeing and hearing what next term brings! Click here