Curriculum Day

Pupils in all years experienced a range of different activities and experiences last Wednesday as our pupils had their first curriculum day of the Year. Year 7 took part in an Art and Design day. Half the year stayed in school learning how to code, programme robots and cook a vegetable curry. The remaining pupils visited the Tate Modern gallery where they studied pieces which they will use in their classroom learning. Year 8 took part in a Drama day. Half the year took part in script writing sessions, were taught how to direct by a professional director and learnt how to design a mask for the Lion King. The rest of the year visited the V & A Museum to see how set design has changed over the year and enjoyed the performance of the Lion King at the Lyceum Theatre. These year groups will swap around for our next curriculum day, ensuring that everyone gets the opportunity to try these new experiences. Year 9 took part in a Science day which will prepare them for their field work studies at GCSE in Science and Geography. Pupils studied the local plant population in Albany Park, wrote up their investigation and took part in workshops on turbines and forensics. These days provide fabtastic opportunities to develop our pupils’ character and for them to explore learning in new environments. We are all looking forward to the next curriculum day in Janurary.