Shakespeare at AJK


The Shakespeare School Festival Backstage team, which is run by Ms Pickets, has been working hard for the past half term and during the holiday. They have created intricate and detailed plans for the costumes, props and makeup for the actors.

Here are a few photographs of the costumes and props the group have taken the time to create.

The backstage team reflected on the characters’ personality in order to create successful costumes.

I asked the actors, Goneril (Michaela) and King Lear (Gabriel), the following questions about their costumes:

1. What do you think about your costumes?

Michaela: I think that my costume is great because it shows the audience that I am of royalty.

Gabriel: I think that my costume looks awesome because I get to wear a red robe.


2. How does your costume reflect your character’s personality?

Michaela: My costume reflects my character’s evil personality because I am going to be wearing dark red lipstick to represents that I have a lot of anger; it also shows how malicious I am.


Final Dress Rehearsal

On the 15th November, I was lucky enough to witness the final dress rehearsal, where the actors did a run through of their performance of ‘King Lear’.

During the performance, I could see the amazing effect of the costumes. The costumes made me, as their audience, feel as though I was actually experiencing the pain and sorrow of the characters. This made the performance even more successful and lifelike.

Furthermore, the actors creatively used props to perform different scenes. For example in scene 4 Edmund (played by Kevin) mimed drawing blood from his arm by using a plastic dagger. He then changed his tone of voice to show the audience that he was injured. I thought this created a tense atmosphere which was brilliant.

As well as using props and their costumes to their advantage, the actors used their positioning to show the audience which character was the most important in the scene and aspects of their personality. I really enjoyed how Edgar (played by Jonald) was closed to the audience when disguising himself. This showed the audience that he was trying to be secretive so that the other characters would not recognise him.

Even though the actors can still improve and refine the performance by making sure they know all their lines perfectly, I think that the performance was outstanding!

By Nadira Alom