Year 7 have started their first term of Geography at Ark John Keats, showing real curiosity about the world around them. They are investigating the three different types of Geography, and are starting to work with maps to describe the human and physical landscape. Before the end of term, they will master compass directions and grid references, making them experts at giving directions like Geographers.

Year 8 are continuing their work on population from last term. They are investigating settlement; where people live and why. This week they are investigating how maps can reveal why settlements were built in certain locations, considering the benefits of living near a river for survival but also for the development of more complex civilisations.

Year 9 have started the year with a complex and contemporary topic; development. They have been constructing a map of the 15 richest and 15 poorest countries in the world, using up to date information from the International Monetary Fund. This resource will help them to explore the patterns of inequality that shape opportunities and challenges in contemporary society.