Digest Speaker Programme - Ban Ibrahim Rowley

On Friday, Years 7 and 8 were fortunate to hear a talk from Ban Ibrahim Rowley, who is a manager for a large, well-known British bank in Financial Markets Advisory Compliance. Students heard Ms Ibrahim Rowley describe what her role involves day to day and what characteristics she considers essential to carry out her job successfully. She described to students the importance of showing self-discipline and responsibility in completing tasks to a high standard and in order to meet deadlines, and also explained what it was she enjoyed most about her job.

Ms Ibrahim Rowley’s talk was part of our digest speaker programme. This programme aims to ensure that all of our pupils are exposed to the widest possible range of careers and career paths. We want our pupils to understand what it takes to succeed in different industries and to understand the key decisions that they will take in their lives, both in school and outside of school, which will affect their career path. The students have reflected on Ms Ibrahim Rowley’s talk in their Character lessons this week, and we are very grateful to her for taking the time to talk to us.