Secondary January Start Dates

Secondary return to school in January

Monday 6th January 2020: Inset Day (School closed to pupils)

Tuesday 7th January 2020: 

  • Y7 - Start at 8.25am finish at 12.30pm
  • Y8 - Start at 1.55pm finish at 4.00pm
  • Y9 - Not required to attend
  • Y10 - Not required to attend
  • Y11 - Start at 8.25am finsih at 2.00pm
  • Y12 - Not required to attend

Wenesday 8th January 2020: All pupils start at 8.25am


Secondary pupils will be leaving the school site from January at the following times:

  • Monday 4.00pm
  • Tuesday 4.00pm
  • Wednesday 3.00pm
  • Thursday 4.00pm
  • Friday 3.00pm


Please refer to the letter sent home with pupils regarding Supported Study sessions available. 



Primary Newsletters

ARK John Keats Academy, we provide parents with a weekly newsletter to give an overview of what our pupils have been learning each week. Please click on the links below to see what we have been up to:


School Year: 2019-20

Primary Welcome Presentations

Welcome to Reception.pdf

Welcome to Year 1.pdf

Welcome to Year 2.pdf

Welcome to Year 3.pdf

Welcome to Year 4.pdf

Welcome to Year 5.pdf

Welcome to Year 6.pdf

Term 2

PDF iconAJK Primary Newsletter - 13.12.2019.pdf

PDF iconAJK Primary Newsletter - 06.12.2019.pdf

PDF iconAJK Primary Newsletter - 29.11.2019.pdf

PDF iconAJK Primary Newsletter - 22.11.2019.pdf

PDF iconAJK Primary Newsletter - 15.11.2019.pdf

PDF iconAJK Primary Newsletter - 08.11.2019.pdf

PDF iconAJK Primary Newsletter - 01.11.2019.pdf

Term 1

PDF iconAJK Primary Newsletter - 18.10.19.pdf

PDF iconAJK Primary Newsletter - 11.10.19.pdf

PDF iconAJK Primary Newsletter - 04.10.19.pdf

PDF iconAJK Primary Newsletter - 27.09.19.pdf

PDF iconAJK Primary Newsletter - 20.09.19.pdf

AJK Primary Newsletter - 13.09.19.pdf

School Year: 2018-19

Term 6

AJK Newsletter 19.07.2019.pdf

AJK Newsletter - 12.07.2019.pdf

AJK Newsletter - 05.07.2019.pdf

AJK Newsletter 28.06.2019.pdf

AJK Newsletter 21.06.2019.pdf

AJK Newsletter 14.06.2019.pdf

AJK Newsletter 07.06.2019.pdf

Term 5

AJK Newsletter 24.05.2019.pdf

AJK Newsletter 17.05.2019.pdf

AJK Newsletter 10.05.2019.pdf

AJK Newsletter 03.05.2019.pdf

AJK Newsletter 26.04.2019.pdf

Term 4

AJK Newsletter 04.04.2019.pdf

AJK Newsletter 29.03.2019.pdf

AJK Newsletter 22.03.2019.pdf

AJK Newsletter 15.03.2019.pdf

AJK Newsletter 08.03.2019.pdf

AJK Newsletter 01.03.2019.pdf

Term 3

AJK Newsletter 15.02.2019.pdf

AJK Newsletter 08.02.2019.pdf

AJK Newsletter 01.02.2019.pdf

AJK Newsletter 25.01.2019.pdf

AJK Newsletter 18.01.2019.pdf

AJK Newsletter 11.01.2019.pdf

Term 2

AJK Newsletter 20.12.2018.pdf

AJK Newsletter 14.12.2018.pdf

AJK Newsletter 07.12.2018.pdf

AJK Newsletter 30.11.2018.pdf

AJK Newsletter 23.11.2018.pdf

AJK Newsletter 16.11.2018.pdf

AJK Newsletter 09.11.2018.pdf

AJK Newsletter 02.11.2018.pdf