Y13 Results 2022

Thursday 18 August 2022

We are delighted to share that our Year 13 students have achieved our best ever set of KS5 results. Our 2022 cohort, who sat their first set of formal exams this year, performed incredibly well with 68% of students achieving 3 A*-Cs, an increase of 17%. Over a third of our A level cohort achieved at least one A or A*. Every single student achieved a grade with 100% A*-E for A level and 100% MMM+ for professional pathways. We are particularly proud of our professional pathways cohort who outperformed their targets by 62% for achieving DDD or higher. In A-levels, particular subject standouts are Drama, Music and Religious Education who achieved 100% A*-B, and Politics who achieved 90% A*-B.

Many of us were concerned about university admission given the recent press coverage and UCAS warnings around students getting their choices. However, due to our students performing incredibly well, almost 80% of AJK students this year secured their top two choices. Our pupils have driven their own destiny and we wish them well in going on to live lives of genuine choice.

Hear from some of our top-performing students below:

Helin Akinci (A*AA) is going on to study History at UCL and says “I am so happy I can’t explain it. I put my success down to being disciplined. I identified that I found it difficult to remember Y12 content so I started revision 3 to 4 months before exams started. Each day I set myself a target and revision 2 to 3 hours. When I got stuck, I went to my teacher after school. I am looking forward to study History in more detail at university!”

Vedanshu Thakker (AAA) will be studying Medicine at Kings and says “I feel happy and good about my results. I was disappointed with my results last year and knew I could do better and that I had to do it again this year. I worked harder and smarter this year, focusing on exam prep as well as mastering content and it worked out!”

Dejonay Telfer (A*AA) is going to study Psychology at the University of Exeter: “I feel really happy about my results. I put my success down to consistency – throughout all of sixth form I contributed a lot of time and made a lot of sacrifices. I revised 2 to 3 hours per day and worked in the library during holidays instead of total relaxation and going out all the time. Above all, I found my perfect balance between work and rest. AJK allowed me to identify my weaknesses so I knew what to work on to get better. I am looking forwards to the opportunity to expand my knowledge about the subject, expand my network and interact with a diverse body of people I may not have encountered before.”

Bilbil Mazrreku (BTEC – D*D*D) is going to study Accounting & Finance at Liverpool University: “I’m happy, thrilled, excited. I made a lot of sacrifices and put a lot of time and effort into my coursework. Thanks to my Business teachers for all their time and support.”

Deniz Ceritli (A*AB) will be going on to study Aerospace Engineering at Nottingham: “I am ecstatic about my results. In my first test in Further Maths in Year 12, I got a zero – I knew I had a lot of space to improve so I worked hard to get an A! Every time I got stressed I would talk to someone which would help. I am looking forward to the complexity of Maths at university.”

All this is testament to the hard work and tenacity of our Year 13 students and their families, teachers and pastoral support. Congratulations to our wonderful Year 13 2022 cohort!