Friday 12 June 2015

Last term in English, pupils were studying metaphors in poetry. They studied a range of poets, from William Blake and Alfred, Lord Tennyson, to Ted Hughes and Vernon Scannell. They also studied performance poetry in Drama, which involved writing and performing their own poems. One example of a poem that captured the power of dreams through metaphors was Abida’s poem, ‘Dreams’, which she also performed to the whole school in the end of term celebration assembly.



– by Abida Alom


What are dreams?

Are they our life ambitions?

Or lies full of fantasy and fiction?

They twist and turn like a briar bush

They give you that extra push

Dreams, Dreams, Dreams!

What are dreams?

Are they tough or are they delicate?

Or maybe… they just alternate

What would life be without dreams?

A tree without its leaves

A man without his head

Or a mattress without a bed

Maybe…Just maybe

Dreams can come true

Will they open the gateways to eternal fear?

Or create a permanent smile from ear to ear?