Thursday 20 November 2014

Problem solving

Problem solving is at the heart of our Mathematics curriculum at Ark John Keats.  Our aim is for pupils to develop a deep understanding of the Mathematics they are using and we always try to extend them by depth rather than by breadth. Since joining us in September our pupils have learnt about Bar Models. Bar Models are a visual way for pupils to represent problems that might otherwise require the use of algebra. They can also be used to help pupils break down worded problems to establish what Mathematics they are being asked to do.

Here is one of the more challenging problems that we have looked at in lessons!  

The three little pigs

The three little pigs went shopping. The first little pig spent £23 on a bundle of straw and a stack of wood.

The second little pig spent £35 on a stack of wood and a pile of bricks.

The third little pig spent £42 on a bundle of straw and a pile of bricks.

How much did each item cost (assuming the bundles, stacks and piles were the same size for each little pig)?

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