Wonderful Work in Science



In order to focus on areas requiring additional revision, pupils reflected on the learning they have done since September, pinpointing their strengths and weaknesses to focus on areas needing extra attention. Well done to all pupils for showing responsibility and adaptability in identifying and revising challenging topics!

Above are some fantastic examples of revision material produced by pupils, and photos from Science club!


AJK recently received a grant from Armourers & Brasiers to supply us with smart materials. Pupils now have the fantastic opportunity to use cutting-edge scientific materials such as thermochromic film (which changes colour depending on temperature), chromic alginate (memory plastic) and memory wire to develop advanced practical skills and look at new scientific breakthroughs in more depth. Pupils learnt polymerisation techniques by using organic substances to produce nylon at a boundary between two substances. They displayed remarkable curiosity and successfully used polymorph and impression gel to make moulds that can be used in dentistry, medicine and forensics!