Wonderful Work in Science

AJK pupils won Reading University’s Science University Challenge!

On the Friday 16th March, Nadira, Michaela, Raheim, Rayhan, Aaliya, Radiya, Obianamma, Safia all went to Reading University to take part in the renowned University Challenge style competition. They were up against 8 other teams from 4 different schools.  There were a range of tough questions from naming famous scientists and mathematicians to working out calculations in under 15 seconds and answering questions like:

What does ROM and RAM mean? Approximately how old is the Earth? Cumulus, Stratus and Stratocumulus are all types of what? Team Isotopes (AJK pupils) went all the way to the finals and won the competition!

Revision – AP2 Week in Science!

This term, year 9 have been working hard in physics to discover why some materials are more difficult to heat up than others. They have also been finding out why snow melts at different rates on different surfaces! In the examples below, 9S3 have been showing adaptability by combining their scientific and mathematical skills, using a new equation to calculate specific heat capacities.